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Craig Schulze is one of the worlds leading lifestyle entrepreneurs who have created a lifestyle by design.

Throughout Craig's 20 years in business, he always positioned himself in front of the latest trends. Moving from the corporate world to traditional business owning five fitness clubs - Craig now has a global business where he has products shipping to over 100 different countries.

His vision, mission and values are all around creating a lifestyle by design, which is about creating complete time and financial freedom. Craig is now inspiring others to do the same by building the next generation of lifestyle leaders.

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Angela Lucente

Craig Schulze is a true Network Marketing professional - Not only has he developed his own personal success story within the industry but he has also helped many people along the way with his knowledge and understanding of Network Marketing. He has developed many training modules that have served as the foundation for my team and his ongoing support and mentorship ensures sustainable growth on a global scale. Success in Network Marketing is a pathway that he clearly demonstrates through his own actions and he leads by example for all to learn and succeed from.

Craig is a driven and successful Leader within the Network Marketing arena and I feel very fortunate to have him as an instrumental part of my system. If you want to get the best out of your business, I would highly recommend you contact Craig and learn more about how he can help you achieve the success you aspire to.


Tracy Secombe

Craig has taught me the importance of self-belief and leadership posture when presenting an opportunity in business. He leads by example, and inspires his followers through genuine interest in them, and a passion for helping others succeed. I can highly recommend Craig as an accomplished leader and mentor in his field.


James Yates

Craig Schulze is a powerful Home Based Business Leader.

After 14 years in the Network Marketing profession, as a trainer, field leader & corporate representative, I was looking for the ultimate professional to partner up with and Craig’s skills and expertise combined with his experience stood out from the crowd, leading me to do what I do today.

Individually, Craig has a gift to bring out the best in those he works with and as a Speaker to large audiences, Craig’s trainings are both authentic and relatable, never missing a beat.

If you’re looking to gain the best support, guidance and mentoring whilst building a successful global business, I would not hesitate to recommend working with Craig Schulze.


Tayla Daly

Craig Schulze has been an incredible role model and mentor over the past 3 years. Coming into the network marketing industry at age 20, I really had no experience whatsoever but Craig never saw that as an issue. He provides fantastic training and is always available for support, advice and to lend a helping hand.

Craig is the ultimate network marketing professional, always leading by example and showing what’s possible through consistent activity. I feel very fortunate to be able to work alongside Craig; he inspires me in all areas of life and has been instrumental in helping me achieve a full time income.