Introducing CRAIG


Hi, I'm Craig.

Craig Schulze is one of the worlds leading lifestyle entrepreneurs who have created a lifestyle by design. Throughout Craig's 20 years in business, he always positioned himself in front of the latest trends.

Moving from the corporate world to traditional business owning five fitness clubs - Craig now has a global business where he has products shipping to over 100 different countries.

His vision, mission and values are all around creating a lifestyle by design, which is about creating complete time and financial freedom. Craig is now inspiring others to do the same by building the next generation of lifestyle leaders.


"If you are not willing to risk the unusual.
You will have to settle for the ordinary."

A look behind-the-scenes...

What are people saying?

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  • “Thank you again for your insights and influence. I would highly recommend people to join your program.”
  • “PS, I have loved watching your interviews.”
  • “I saw the potential after getting on a call with Craig. I jumped in and it took a while to get started but now I have an international business. I make 3-5 times more than I ever have in my career. All from home and all from my phone. Craig is the real deal and has helped 100s of people just like me.”
    Angela Lucente