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Fergus Watts, a retired Australian football player, who had played for Adelaide Football Club and St Kilda Football Club in the Australian Football League, is our guest for today. He is currently the CEO of Reach Foundation.

In this episode of the One Shot Movement podcast, we have Fergus Watts, a former professional footballer turned successful entrepreneur and CEO of the Reach Foundation. Fergus talks about his journey from being a high-performing athlete to starting his own marketing company, Bastion, which has now expanded internationally and employs over 300 people. He also shares his passion for empowering children and young adults through the Reach foundation, where he has been involved for over 20 years.

Fergus shares  the challenges that elite athletes face when transitioning from sport to normal life, and how this can impact their sense of identity. He also shares his own experience of feeling lost and unsure of what to do after his career was cut short due to injuries. In addition, he believes that more work needs to be done in schools to help young people develop emotional intelligence and understand themselves better, so they can be better prepared for life after school and whatever careers they pursue.

Moreover, Fergus talks about the importance of taking responsibility for one's own life and career, regardless of one's age or background. He believes that individuals need to be proactive in building their own skills and networks, and that the schooling system needs to do more to prepare young people for life, not just exams. Overall, this episode offers valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities that come with entrepreneurship, as well as the importance of self-awareness and personal growth.

In this episode, we will talk about:

  • 00:53 - Who is Fergus Watts?

  • 03:18 - The Realistic Challenge of Post-Athletic Life

  • 06:34 - Difficulty of Preparing Someone for Life After Sport

  • 09:50 - The Beginning of Fergus Watts’ Life in Business

  • 13:11 - What Traits Make a CEO Effective?

  • 15:41 - Advantage of Going Into Business with an Athlete Mindset

  • 18:03 - Importance of “Culture” in Business

  • 20:08 - Gathering the Right People to Succeed 

  • 22:46 - The Truth About Schools and the Lack of Teaching Life and Reality

  • 25:12 - Role and Purpose of The Reach Foundation

  • 29:28 - The Power of Vulnerability in Developing Deep Relationships

  • 42:09 - Why Bringing True Self to Work is the Key to Success

  • 47:08 - How to Take Control of Your Life and Achieve Success


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Reach Fergus Watts here:

Fergus Watts LinkedIn: https://au.linkedin.com/in/ferguswatts

The Reach Foundation Website: https://www.reach.org.au/a-note-from-our-new-ceo-fergus-watts/

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