Interview with Amber Manning - CEO of Just Cuts Australia

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--------- EPISODE CHAPTERS ---------

(0:00:07) - Just Cuts CEO on Franchising and Growth
(0:09:16) - Franchise Growth and Business Strategy
(0:14:36) - Regional Growth and Digital Investment Strategies
(0:21:57) - Flexibility and Growth in Business


(0:00:07) - Just Cuts CEO on Franchising and Growth
Amber Manning shares her journey in franchising, discussing Just Cuts' evolution and success as a franchise and family brand.

(0:09:16) - Franchise Growth and Business Strategy
International expansion, franchisee role, quality control, and growth stages of a successful hairdressing franchise brand.

(0:14:36) - Regional Growth and Digital Investment Strategies
Leadership's crucial role in business success, challenges faced by businesses, adapting to support franchisees, staying ahead of trends, and effective leadership ingredients.

(0:21:57) - Flexibility and Growth in Business
Leadership, growth, and success in business are discussed with Just Cuts CEO Amber Manning, including workplace flexibility and international expansion.


(0:00:07) - Just Cuts CEO Amber Manning on Franchising and Growth (9 Minutes)

This chapter features a conversation with Amber Manning, CEO of Just Cuts, the largest hairdressing salon in the Southern Hemisphere. Amber shares her journey in the franchising industry, starting at a young age and eventually joining her family's business. She also discusses the evolution of Just Cuts, from its first franchisee still being part of the network after 33 years, to its current international and domestic growth. The conversation highlights the unique aspect of Just Cuts being both a franchise and a family brand, with many of its franchisees being investors and owner-operators rather than hairdressers. Overall, this chapter provides insights into the success and longevity of Just Cuts and the opportunities that come with being open to new opportunities and growth.

(0:09:16) - Franchise Growth and Business Strategy (5 Minutes)

This chapter explores the growth and expansion of a successful franchise brand in the hairdressing industry. We discuss the brand's international expansion, driven by the owner's passion and the importance of building relationships and networks in business. We also highlight the role of franchisees, a mix of investors and skilled hairdressers, in the brand's growth. Quality control measures and data analysis are used to address any issues. Finally, we explore the different stages of growth for a franchise brand and the debate on investing more resources in marketing or expanding the network.

(0:14:36) - Regional Growth and Digital Investment Strategies (7 Minutes)

This chapter explores the crucial role of leadership in business success. We discuss the challenges faced by businesses, including the impact of COVID-19 and rising costs, and how leaders can navigate through them. Our guest speaker, a successful business owner, shares insights on adapting their business model to support franchisees and drive profitability. We also emphasize the importance of staying ahead of trends and constantly innovating to remain competitive. The chapter concludes with a focus on the key ingredients of effective leadership and how it can drive a business toward success.

(0:21:57) - Flexibility and Growth in Business (12 Minutes)

This chapter explores the topic of leadership and business growth with guest Amber Manning, CEO of Just Cuts. We discuss the importance of workplace flexibility, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, and how it impacts communication and team dynamics. Amber emphasizes the value of investing in personal growth and mentorship for achieving business success. We also delve into Just Cuts' vision, including international expansion and staying ahead in the hairdressing industry. The conversation concludes with a rapid-fire question section where Amber shares her favorite books and advice she has received. Overall, this chapter provides valuable insights into leadership, growth, and success in the business world.



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