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(0:00:06) - Juice Industry Franchising and Growth
Entrepreneur Ross Franklin shares his journey with Pure Green Juice Bar, discussing their unique franchise model and focus on creating healthier communities through superfoods.

(0:13:33) - Franchise Business Growth and Product Highlights
Pure Green's success in high volume areas and cities, expansion into Florida due to COVID-19, focus on technology and gamification in training, and personal growth of the founder.

(0:22:33) - Value and Marketing Support for Franchisees
The franchise supports franchisees with opening, site selection, marketing, and growth, and recommends resources like "The Founders Success Formula" and "The Wealthy Franchisee.


(0:00:06) - Juice Industry Franchising and Growth (13 Minutes)

This chapter of the One Shot Movement podcast features a conversation with Ross Franklin, founder of Pure Green Juice Bar. Ross shares his entrepreneurial journey, starting in the fitness industry and eventually specializing in juice bars. He discusses the growth of Pure Green, which currently has 27 locations open and plans to have 100 by 2023. Ross also highlights the unique business model of Pure Green, which allows franchisees to purchase products from their wholesale division, making it a more streamlined and cost-effective option. The importance of vision, mission, and values in a franchise business is also emphasized, as well as the focus on creating healthier communities through superfoods.

(0:13:33) - Franchise Business Growth and Product Highlights (9 Minutes)

This chapter explores the success of Pure Green, a juice and smoothie franchise, in high volume areas and cities. The impact of COVID-19 on the business is discussed, including the opportunity it provided for expansion into Florida and the focus on building robust systems and processes. We highlight the importance of technology and gamification in training, as well as the wide variety of products offered by Pure Green. Additionally, we delve into the personal growth and development of the founder and CEO, including their participation in mastermind groups and having a personal coach.

(0:22:33) - Value and Marketing Support for Franchisees (11 Minutes)

This chapter explores the value that the franchise brings to its franchisees from a corporate perspective. We discuss the various ways in which the franchise supports its franchisees, including guiding them through the process of opening a location, helping with site selection and negotiations, and providing support with SEO and social media marketing. Our guest also shares their plan for growth and achieving their mission of building healthy communities. We ask about recommended resources for entrepreneurs, and our guest suggests their own book, "The Founders Success Formula," as well as "The Wealthy Franchisee" by Scott Greenberg. The best advice our guest has received is to always have a mentor, and they bring on their own mentor as the CEO of their wholesale division.



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