Season 10 Finale

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Happy New Year everyone and I am here, your host, Craig Schulze to close another tremendous season of The One Shot Movement Podcast. This last season has been full of revealing and invigorating speeches, interviews, and revelations from some of the most sought-after entrepreneurs, coaches, and market leaders in business, health, and other big industries. 10 of the most powerful interviews, all to help you navigate the fog of the last couple of years' challenges. 

Interview with Lisa Teh - Founder of CODI, Author and Linkedin Expert

Interview with Andrew Bogut - Australian NBA Basketball Star and Entrepreneur

Interview with Trevor Hendy - Australian Pro Lifesaver, Ironman Champion, Intuitive Healing

Interview with Del Bigtree - Host of Highwire, Activist, CEO Informed Consent Action Network

Interview with Kevin Jenkins - Influencer and CEO of Urban Global Health Alliance

Interview with Dr. John Demartini - Expert in Human Behavior and Personal Development

Interview with Gerard Adams - Serial Entrepreneur, Leaders Create Leaders, Founder of Elite Daily

Interview with Ellie McKay - Property Investor and Host of On A Mission Podcast

Interview with David Icke - English Author and Speaker, Former Footballer and Sports Broadcaster

Interview with Dr. Peter McCullough - American Cardiologist, Author, and News Analyst

Make sure you give these episodes a listen, and ring in the new year with renewed grit and confidence to tackle the new year with hope, strength, and new plans and ideas. 

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See you on the next season of The One Shot Movement Podcast


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