Life is made of moments and one moment can change your life.

January 24 2014 was one of those moments for me. It was the day my first son Ethan died stillborn, and it was the day my perspective of life changed too. 

Challenges and adversity are a given in life. It is not a matter of IF it is a matter of WHEN and how often. 

These challenges present in all types of forms. Health, business, finance, relationships, career, and friendships. 

Losing Ethan was one of those forks in the road moments. It was either hate the world for what it delivered or use it as inspiration and empowerment.

My colleagues kept on saying, "Craig you need to write a book". My response was always, "If I comment to a book it needs to be meaningful. Not just another business book". However, during the time between leaving the hospital and Ethan's funeral, I started journaling. In the Eulogy I announced that Ethan would still leave his legacy, 5 years last I meet a publisher and this year I launched my book to the world.

The book starts with me opening my heart to the story, and eventually transitions into powerful takeaways that aim to give people some insight into living a meaningful life.

Here is a quick image of Page 1 in Chapter 1 

These lessons are from 20 years in business, $500,000 invested in my own personal growth, and working with some of the world's best entrepreneurs and business minds.

One of those entrepreneurs is Jack Delosa who is without a doubt one of the worlds biggest entrepreneurs. Here is what he had to say about the book in his Foreword.

My vision and mission moving forward are to continue to inspire and educate people to live their life with passion and purpose.

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With Gratitude

Craig D Schulze


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