The One Shot Movement Podcast


You get one shot in this life. Are you using it to its full potential? In this series, we'll interview some of the biggest entrepreneurs and get their stories on how they used their "one shot" to take a big leap in their life and business and to get to where they are today.



Interview with Steve Baker - Founder of BuildGrit

In this episode of the One Shot Movement podcast, Steven Baker shares his journey of overcoming adversity. After a hip replacement and the loss of a friend, Steven fell into despair and isolated himself. His turning point came through reconnecting with fitness and positive people, eventually leading him to complete an Ironman despite significant physical challenges. He emphasizes resilience, daily habits, and seeking support during tough times. The episode concludes with Steven offering advice on effort, learning from failure, and maintaining a positive mindset. Read more

Season 13 Finale Episode - The One Shot Movement Podcast

Welcome to the season 13 finale of The One Shot Movement Podcast, this is your host, Craig Schulze. In this culminating episode, we take a moment to look back at the remarkable journey of this season, filled with inspiring stories, invaluable insights, and transformative experiences shared by our diverse and accomplished guests. From sports stars to entrepreneurs, from branding experts to innovators, this season has been a testament to the power of resilience, innovation, and leadership. Read more

Interview with Sam Beau Patrick - Health Advocate and Entrepreneur

In this episode of the One Shot Movement podcast, Samantha Beau Patrick, an advocate for holistic wellness and entrepreneurship, shares profound insights and practical advice on navigating life's challenges and embracing opportunities. Read more

Interview with Matt Gordin and Brendan James, Founders of Boutique Fitness Studios

This engaging episode with Matt and Brendan provides a glimpse into building a franchise empire with a focus on community, charity, and authenticity. Tune in to learn from their experiences and gain valuable insights for your own entrepreneurial journey. Don't miss out on this inspiring conversation! Read more

Interview with Jon Gregory - Founder of Vitruvian

This episode with Jon takes us on an inspiring journey of entrepreneurship, innovation, and resilience. Read more

Interview with Michael Nuciforo - Founder and CEO of Thriday

An insightful discussion with Michael, the founder and CEO of Thriday, a revolutionary financial platform. Read more

Interview with Scott Bywater - Copywriting Expert and Founder of Copywriting That Sells

In this episode of the One Shot Movement podcast, copywriting expert Scott Bywater shares invaluable insights into the art and science of persuasive writing. Read more

Interview with Craig Berger - CEO of Avid Realty Partners

In this episode, Craig Berger, CEO of Avid Realty Partners, shares his transition from the fast-paced world of finance to building a meaningful organization in the real estate sector. Read more

Interview with Mat Belcher- Olympic Sailing Champion And World-Renowned Athlete

Tune in as we get into the extraordinary journey of Olympic Gold Medalist turned CEO, Mat Belcher. From sailing triumphs to business leadership, Mat shares invaluable insights on resilience, mentorship, and the pursuit of passion, offering a compelling narrative of athletic achievement and entrepreneurial success. Read more

Interview with Jake Munday- Founder and CEO of Custom Neon

Join us for a personal conversation as Jake unveils the human side of entrepreneurship – a journey marked by adaptability, humility, and the profound impact of a cohesive team culture. Whether you're starting your own venture or seeking inspiration, Jake's story offers a relatable and compelling narrative of entrepreneurial resilience and success. Read more