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You get one shot in this life. Are you using it to its full potential? In this series, we'll interview some of the biggest entrepreneurs and get their stories on how they used their "one shot" to take a big leap in their life and business and to get to where they are today.



Interview with Justine Pogroske - Founder of Million Dollar Branders Agency

Justine Pogroske is a master at establishing and amplifying brands. Whether they be large older brands that are struggling with relentlessly changing market conditions or new brands desperate to make their mark in a saturated market. With a extensive ad agency background including working for global advertising giants Ogilvy and MC Saatchi, Justine started running her own business after decade in marketing and advertising for both national and international brands. It grew exponentially and evolved into Million Dollar Branders; an Australian based boutique advertising and digital agency located in Sydney’s luxurious Double Bay ( She’s been making credible, original and authentic advertising campaigns ever since. Today, we interview her at The One Shot Movement Podcast to hear her story, how she started, what challenges did she face building her business, and how she thrived through it all. This is your host, Craig Schulze. Read more

Interview with Ed Strachar - Author and Elite Healer

Welcome to another exciting episode of The One Shot Movement Podcast, and today we have Ed Strachar on our show. Ed Strachar is an Elite Healer, one of the Planet’s Most Powerful with many medically validated cases of healing remotely strictly through online chat and phone. Documented cases that involved life threatening diseases such as Stage IV Cancer, Tuberculosis, Crohn’s Disease, and has a 90+ % success rate with Depression, Anxiety, High Blood Pressure, Atrial Fibulations, and also orthopedic issues such as bad knees, hips , shoulders and other joints saving numerous clients from joint replacement surgery. Many refer to him as a Miracle Worker yet he quickly points out that this is a learnable skill and not based on religion, faith or miracles. Strachar has learned to access soul restoring life force energy from very high dimensions. A non-religious approach using advanced Energy Medicine, Vibrational Healing and Spiritual Science Principles. Many Medical Doctors, Naturopaths, Nurses and the like now rely on his advice and abilities. He is the Author of the Upcoming Book Magical Energy, Miracle Healing and Healing using Advanced Energy Medicine. He is also the creator of Best Selling Multimedia Courses Reading Genius, Genius Skills, Into the Genius Zone, Energy Healing and the 6th Sense , Mental Training for Life Sport and Success. Listen to him as he answers our questions today, and learn more about life, business, success, and most importantly healing. Read more

Interview with Dr. Teri Fisher - The Voice Doctor, Physician and TEDx Speaker

Dr Teri Fisher, dubbed "The Voice Doctor," is a unique blend of award-winning TEDx and keynote speaker, physician, podcaster, author, educator, performer, and leading authority on all things voice technology. Today on The One Shot Movement Podcast we learn more about what it means to be a Voice Doctor, and how Dr. Teri Fisher helps and inspires entrepreneurs and more people. Read more

Interview with Jessica Zimmerman - Author, Sleeping with a Stranger, Coach and Entrepreneur

Welcome to another episode of The One Shot Movement Podcast. Today, we are sharing another inspiring story. Jessica Zimmerman is a best selling author of the book, Sleeping with a Stranger, Coach and Creator of The Game Plan, Podcaster and one of the creative and resilient entrepreneurs I know. Listen to some of her most life changing moments in business, why she believes giving your best shot in life and business is very critical and learn from her years of business experience. This is your host, Craig Schulze. Read more

Interview with Dreamer CEO - Daniel Mangena

Welcome to another episode of The One Shot Movement Podcast, and we today we are interviewing the Dreamer CEO, Daniel Mangena. If you have gone through, or is going through a challenging time in your life and business, Daniel's story will definitely inspire you. Tune in and absorb this amazing interview. This is your host Craig Schulze, always excited to bring you solid value for your life and business. Read more

Interview with Madelaine Weiss - Executive, Career and Life Coach

We are excited to be back and have you listen to the first episode of The One Shot Movement Podcast Season 8. Starting with Madelaine Weiss, the Executive Coach to the CEOs and entrepreneurs. Now this is an episode you shouldn't miss. You know how much I am a big believer of mentors and coaches, as I am one myself, and today's episode is full of realizations, sharings, and guides that you will definitely learn a lot from. This is your host, Craig Schulze. Read more

The One Shot Movement Podcast Season 8

Welcome to another FIRE season of The One Shot Movement Podcast. Who's ready to learn more about growth and business? This is your host Craig Schulze. Read more

The One Shot Movement Podcast Season 7 Review and Finale

Welcome to another review and season ender for The One Shot Movement Podcast. Season 7 is ending, and we just had an amazing and powerful season. If you haven't listened to the episodes, make sure you do because we've been working so hard to make sure to give you some of the strongest and most inspiring stories we can get. So happy that you are taking leaps to improve your life and business and see you again on Season 8. This is your host, Craig Schulze. Read more

Interview with Steve Olsher - Founder of Podcast Magazine

Welcome to another episode of The One Shot Movement Podcast, this is your host, Craig Schulze. Today, we are interviewing one of the seasoned entrepreneurs and one of the biggest in the podcasting scene, Steve Olsher. Listen as we dive in about podcasting, business strategies, and the stories in between. Read more

Interview with Sohail Khan - The Joint Venture Expert

Welcome to another episode of The One Shot Movement Podcast, and I'm your host Craig Schulze. Today, we have the honor to interview Sohail Khan, the Joint Venture Expert. Sohail is the world’s premier ‘Joint Venture Expert’ Founder of The Joint Venture Group and creator of the ‘Million Dollar Partnering System’. A sought after Business Growth Speaker, Coach and Author, Sohail works with Corporate, Business and Educational establishments worldwide. Prior to starting The Joint Venture Group, Sohail has had over 15 years of sales, joint venture marketing and business experience. Having previously built a multi-million dollar online training company which he started with just $1,000 in 2000, he then sold a majority stake to a $150M IT group in 2006. In 2008 the IT group went bust and Sohail lost everything but retained the knowledge and expertise of building a business with over $10 Million in sales using just joint venture partnering. In 2009 Sohail set himself a challenge to make $1 Million within 12 months using nothing but just his joint venture marketing expertise and managed to close a $1.5 Million joint venture in just 30 days. Today, you'll hear all about his stories and challenges, and how he lost it all and gained it back again, and I'm sure there's a lot for us to learn from this episode. Read more
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