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You get one shot in this life. Are you using it to its full potential? In this series, we'll interview some of the biggest entrepreneurs and get their stories on how they used their "one shot" to take a big leap in their life and business and to get to where they are today.



Interview with Del Bigtree - Host of Highwire, Activist, CEO Informed Consent Action Network

Today's episode of the One Shot Movement is an interview with TV and Film Producer, Host of Highwire, one of the most influential activists of today's times, and CEO of Informed Consent Action Network. This Season of The One Shot Movement Podcast is all about Navigating the Fog, To Thrive on the Other Side where we interview some of the most influential voices and personalities of the last few years as our world goes through a very tough time. We aim to help you navigate life and business, and win against all these challenges. Today, Del shares with us his journey, and why he fights hard for his ideals. Read more

Interview with Trevor Hendy - Australian Pro Lifesaver, Ironman Champion, Intuitive Healing

Trevor Hendy, now an activist and intuitive healer, is a former Australian professional surf lifesaver and a 6-time Australian Champion in Ironman. Today, we talk to him about the best way to navigate the challenges we are going through globally the past few years, and how to rise above winning in life and business. This is your host, Craig Schulze, and you are listening to The One Shot Movement Podcast. Read more

Interview with Andrew Bogut - Australian NBA Basketball Star and Entrepreneur

It's our pleasure to have Andrew Bogut, former Australian NBA Basketball Star, now an entrepreneur and advocate. Today, we interview him on The One Shot Movement Podcast to hear his thoughts on what has been happening in the world in the last couple of years, and the changes he went through in life since his NBA retirement. Read more

Interview with Lisa Teh - Founder of CODI, Author and Linkedin Expert

Lisa Teh is the Founder & Director of CODI Agency, a content and digital marketing agency focused on lifestyle brands, based in Collingwood, Victoria. She’s also the author of best selling books Australian Style and Australian Beauty and podcast host of In Conversation With Creatives which features interviews with global thought leaders. Today, she graces us with her knowledge on everything about agency growth and social media on episode 2 of season 10, The One Shot Movement Podcast. Read more

Season 10 Trailer - The One Shot Movement Podcast

Welcome to Season 10! Who's excited for an even bigger and juicier set of interviewees? Listen to this trailer to find out what's coming up next on the One Shot Movement Podcast, Season 10. Read more

Season 9 Ender - The One Shot Movement Podcast

We are wrapping up an INCREDIBLE season here at The One Shot Movement Podcast. This series is just full packed of influential people, leaders, and activists that taught us how to navigate the fog of what happened to the world in the past two years. It's always been my goal to create solid value for all my listeners and followers out there - whether you're consuming content from this podcast, my website, or on social media. I'm here to continuously share my experiences and seek the voices and knowledge of other movers and shakers and influencers that can help us develop a strong mindset in life and business. Enjoy the season-ender for Season 9 and can't wait to serve you more in the next season. Read more

Interview with David Whitehead - Podcast Host of Truth Warrior Podcast

In the last episode of season 9, we end with a bang with yet another one of the most inspiring and creators of today's relevant problems - David Whitehead, host of the Truth Warrior Podcast. He chats with us today to tell us the truth about the world's relevant challenges, and how to navigate the world today, in its current state. The Truth Warrior Podcast is for those who seek to take on the adventurous journey of self-actualization and combines a unique look at philosophy, martial arts, and esoteric study. Read more

Interview with Gareth Icke - Musician, Writer and Activist

Gareth Icke, musician, artist, personal trainer, and activist, son of David Icke, has quickly become one of the prominent activists of the current challenging situations the whole world currently is in. Today, we invite him to The One Shot Movement Podcast to talk about activism, so much truth, life and so much more. Read more

Interview with Leigh Dundas - Human Rights Lawyer and Freedom Defender

Leigh Dundas is a human rights lawyer and defender of freedom and rights. She is dedicated to preserving basic freedoms, while also combating global injustices like child slavery and the peddling of medical tyranny disguised as progress. Previously an attorney who worked defending 500 Fortune Companies, she has since left to fight for greater purposes, and for the ones that are abused and can't defend themselves. Today, we interview Leigh Dundas in the One Shot Movement Podcast for her to tell us about her story and her valuable work for the world. Read more

Interview with AJ Roberts - Coach and Speaker

Aj Roberts has quite an amazing story, from serving the military to now being the host of his own podcast, The Aj Roberts Show. Aj Roberts does coaching and speaking around the world. Today we hear his story, and how AJ Roberts can help us navigate through the fog of our current situation in the world today. This is your host Craig Schulze, and this is the One Shot Movement Podcast. Read more
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