The One Shot Movement Podcast


You get one shot in this life. Are you using it to its full potential? In this series, we'll interview some of the biggest entrepreneurs and get their stories on how they used their "one shot" to take a big leap in their life and business and to get to where they are today.



Interview with Cameron Schwab- Leadership Mentor and Coach

Leadership is a nuanced journey, and Cameron Schwab, an experienced mentor, recently shared valuable insights on the One Shot Movement podcast. Let's delve into the key takeaways from this insightful conversation. Read more

Interview with Paul Roos - AFL Legend and Coach

Paul Roos, an iconic figure in Australian Rules Football, has an extraordinary story that transcends his legendary playing career to his influential role as a coach and mentor. This remarkable journey from a celebrated athlete to a respected leader has left a lasting impact on the game, instilling essential values that extend beyond the football field. Read more

Season 13 Trailer - The One Shot Movement Podcast

Expect insights on success, resilience, and the real stuff that makes life interesting this season! Listen to this trailer to find out what's coming up next on the One Shot Movement Podcast, Season 13. Read more

Season 12 Season Finale Episode - The One Shot Movement Podcast

Welcome to the season 12 finale of The One Shot Movement Podcast, this is your host, Craig Schulze. In this culminating episode, we take a moment to look back at the remarkable journey of this season, filled with inspiring stories, invaluable insights, and transformative experiences shared by our diverse and accomplished guests. From sports stars to entrepreneurs, from branding experts to innovators, this season has been a testament to the power of resilience, innovation, and leadership. Read more

Interview with Ross Franklin - Founder and CEO of Pure Green Franchise

Ever wondered how a passion for fitness can ignite a juice bar revolution? Join us as we take a deep dive with Ross Franklin, the mastermind behind Pure Green Juice Bar. Ross spills the secrets of his dynamic entrepreneurial journey, from his early days in the fitness industry to his successful venture into the world of juice bars. You'll discover the unique business model of Pure Green, as Ross shares their ambitious vision of healthier communities through superfoods and their plan to open 100 locations by 2023. If you've been itching to understand the anatomy of a thriving franchise, you'll relish Ross's insights on the significance of having a clear mission, vision, and values. As our conversation continues, we unwrap the tale of Pure Green's growth in bustling cities and the transformative role of technology in training. We also highlight their diverse range of health-centric products that merge taste with wellness. Amidst the uncertain times of COVID-19, Ross shines a light on how the pandemic became an unexpected expansion opportunity and how it drove Pure Green to build robust systems. We also delve into the invaluable support the franchise extends to its franchisees, from site selection to marketing. Ross's recommendations for entrepreneurs and the importance of mentorship wrap up this enlightening episode. Don't miss out on this journey of juicy revelations with Ross Franklin! Read more

Interview with Elliot Mark - Founder of Recruit Fluency

Get ready for an emotional rollercoaster ride with the founder of Recruit Fluency, Elliot Mark. What if we told you that the same man who is renowned for assisting high school athletes and their parents in navigating the complex college recruitment process has lived through chronic pain, addiction and the rigorous demands of scaling up a business? Elliot's journey is raw, real and riveting. He dives into the importance of mentorship, the power of strong relationships and how they can transform your personal and professional life. He sheds light on how a world-class advisory board is a game-changer in the face of adversity. We then switch gears to demystify the college recruitment process, highlighting the need for personalization and human connection over artificial intelligence. Elliot’s insights are backed up with a mock phone call exercise, providing a first-hand experience of how to engage effectively with coaches. It doesn't stop there. Elliot also unravels his own experience with adversity, emphasizing the need for a strong support system in the sports world and openly discussing the dangers of substance abuse. He shares heartfelt advice for those struggling with addiction, reinforcing that the best time for change is now. To wrap up, we dive into the importance of life skills, being prepared for the unknown and taking control of your own happiness. Don't miss this power-packed episode that’s bound to inspire anyone looking to take action and shape their own future. Read more

Interview with Rhiannon Simcocks - CEO of James Home Services Australia.mp3

Are you curious about the journey of a farm girl turned CEO? Join us in conversation with Rhiannon Simcocks, the dynamic leader at the helm of James Home Services, a franchise business with a legacy spanning over three decades. Embark on an enlightening voyage as Rhiannon candidly shares her inspiring transition story, offering valuable insights into the franchising industry, and emphasizing the importance of due diligence in business. Ever wondered how businesses identify and surmount barriers? Get ready for a deep dive into the revolutionary franchising model of James Home Services. We unveil how the company confronted and eliminated obstacles that hindered people from joining their network. The conversation enlightens on their unique model that has made franchising more affordable and accessible than ever before. Additionally, hear the enthralling narrative of the acquisition of a national franchise network by two new owners and the role of a strong moral compass in business. As we move towards the close of our chat with Rhiannon, brace yourself for a quick-fire Q&A session. Get a sneak peek into her preferred books, podcasts, shows, and more. Listen in as she shares the best piece of advice she has received and underscores the importance of living each day with purpose. The episode concludes with an exciting discussion on the potential of accessible business ownership opportunities and the financial freedom they offer. Don't miss out on this compelling and insightful conversation! Read more

Interview with Cameron Falloon - Fitness Entrepreneur and Founder / CEO of Body Fit

When it comes to fitness franchising, few individuals are as knowledgeable or as experienced as our guest for this episode, Cameron Falloon. As the founder of Body Fit Training (BFT), a high-performance strength training franchise, Cameron’s journey from studying in the UK to becoming an international fitness entrepreneur is truly inspiring. From his early inklings of entrepreneurship with opening a 24-hour gym to the development of BFT, Cameron shares how his passion for rehabilitation and sports training has contributed to his business's success. Transitioning into the realm of franchising, Cameron drives us through the strategies he adopted to spur the rapid growth of BFT despite the challenges of the global financial crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic. Employing a strong back-end system and leveraging technology significantly, BFT has become an international enterprise with over 200 sites in six countries. Our discussion takes a deep dive into the challenges that come with international expansion, the importance of focusing on fewer countries for success, and how to navigate cultural and legal differences in global markets. Wrapping up this riveting discussion, Cameron reveals his ambitious plans for BFT, setting his sights on reaching a whopping 1,000 franchises globally. The invaluable lessons he imparts extend beyond fitness enthusiasts and reach out to budding entrepreneurs, with insights on continuous evolution, seeking external perspectives, and never underestimating your influence. Listen in as Cameron recommends his favorite business books and podcasts and shares the best and worst advice he has received throughout his journey. Get ready, it's time to chase your passions, just like Cameron, without playing it safe! Read more

Interview with Amber Manning - CEO of Just Cuts Australia

Ready to unlock secrets of exceptional leadership and business growth? Join us on a fascinating journey with Amber Manning, the CEO of Just Cuts. We'll peel back the curtain on her remarkable success story from spearheading the largest hairdressing salon in the Southern Hemisphere to navigating the complex world of franchising from a tender age. Discover the unique ethos behind Just Cuts, a hybrid of a franchise and a family brand that is contributing to its international expansion and longevity. As we dive deeper into the episode, you will get the keys to a sustainable business model that's driving the growth of this hairdressing empire. Unmask the strategic blend of skilled hairdressers and savvy investors that are fuelling its expansion. Listen in as Amber sheds light on the importance of data analysis in quality control, robust business relationships, and the ongoing debate over investing in marketing versus network expansion. The last part of our discussion unravels the challenges of the business world, including the COVID-19 pandemic and rising costs, and how strong leadership can maneuver through it all. Amber will share priceless insights on how Just Cuts adapted their business model to weather the storm and maintain profitability. The importance of staying ahead of trends, the value of personal growth and mentorship, and Amber's favourite books and nuggets of wisdom will leave you brimming with inspiration and knowledge. Make sure you don't miss this enriching episode filled with wisdom and insights from the very heart of the franchising industry! Read more

Interview with Run Samarakoon - CEO and co-Founder of Cosmetic Avenue Melbourne & Joov Skin

If you've ever wondered how a cardiac physiologist can transition into a successful entrepreneur in the cosmetic industry, this episode is your roadmap. Discover how Run Samarakoon, co-founder and CEO of Cosmetic Avenue, identified a game-changing opportunity in the patient experience, revolutionizing the cosmetic surgical space and scaling it into a thriving business. We also pull back the curtain on Cosmetic Avenue's unique non-surgical franchise model. Uncover how they turned the obstacle of surgeon dependence into an opportunity, creating a one-stop shop for clients with non-surgical services like cosmetic injectables and fat freezing. Be warned though, as we delve into the risky world of overseas procedures, and gain insights into the potential of a non-surgical approach in the fitness industry. Finally, we get personal with Run Samarakoon. They share valuable lessons from their entrepreneurial journey, the best and worst advice they've received, and the book that had a major impact on their business. Plus, find out how you can explore Cosmetic Avenue's unique 50-50 co-ownership opportunity. It's a no-holds-barred conversation that offers hard-earned wisdom, candid advice, and valuable insights for those considering the cosmetic services industry or franchising opportunities. So join us, and let's explore the world of cosmetic services and franchising through the eyes of those who know it best. Read more