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You get one shot in this life. Are you using it to its full potential? In this series, we'll interview some of the biggest entrepreneurs and get their stories on how they used their "one shot" to take a big leap in their life and business and to get to where they are today.



Interview with Dr. David E. Martin - Plandemic 2 and White-Collar Crime Investigator

Plandemic 2, which is now a global TV series and a documentary created to talk about the Covid 19 vaccines as bioweapons include Dr. David E. Martin, and now we interview him on The One Shot Movement Podcast. If you've ever been unsure about the Covid 19 conspiracies, today, get the full story as we do an extensive interview with Dr. Martin. Dr. David Martin is a white-collar crime investigator. He is the Founder and Chairman of M·CAM Inc., the international leader in innovation finance, trade, and intangible asset finance. He is the developer of the first innovation-based quantitative index of public equities and is the Managing Partner of the Purple Bridge Funds. Read more

Interview with Morgan Jonas - Activist and Founder of independent Media, MCJ Report

Ringing in the New Year with one of our most powerful podcast episode this season of The One Shot Movement, we interview Morjan Jones, Founder of Independent Media, MCJ Report. MCJ Report is one of the most popular independent media shows right now in Australia, and perfect for our goal to help you navigate through the fog, and understand what's happening in the world right now. Sit back, listen in to one of our most important episodes, and it might just give you some good perspective for the year to come. This is your host, Craig Schulze. Read more

Interview with Monica Smit - Activist & Founder of Reignite Democracy Australia

In today's very exciting and relevant interview, Monica Smit, founder of Reignite Democracy Australia, shares how she started to become an activist in today's pandemic times. What made her start her advocacy, and her unique story of being imprisoned for 22 days for refusing bail, accused of incitement. Listen to the whole story of Monica Smit, and how she's using her influence to inform people regarding relevant critical issues in today's times. You are listening to The One Shot Movement Podcast, with your host, Craig Schulze. Read more

Interview with Jason Christoff

Jason Christoff, one of the best self-sabotage coaches around the world talks to us on a new season of The One Shot Movement, to talk about the current situation in the world, and how we have reached this point. We discuss so many important points, including media and medicine, and how have they been affecting us for a long time. Stay informed and get excited as we dive into deeper conversations in this new season of The One Shot Movement, Navigating the Fog, and Thriving on the Other Side. This is your host, Craig Schulze. Read more

Interview with Mikki Willis - Director of the Plandemic Series

Bringing you a powerful first episode, we interview Mikki Willis, an award winning filmmaker and cinematographer and the director of the controversial, 100% censored, 0% debunked, Plandemic Series. We deep dive into what the series actually mean, and how Mikki navigated and came out thriving, after all the obstacles and challenges he faced. This is your host, Craig Schulze, and you are listening to The One Shot Movement Podcast. Read more

Season 9 - The One Shot Movement

Welcome to another series of The One Shot Movement. Season 9 will feature interviews surrounding the current theme, Navigating the Fog and Thriving to The Other Side. More interviews, more inspirational talks from the best entrepreneurs around the world. This is your host, Craig Schulze and I invite you to listen and learn a lot from all exciting episodes in this new season. Read more

One Shot Movement Season 8 Finale Episode

Welcome to another season close of The One Shot Movement Podcast. Hope you learned a lot from our interviews and we can't be more excited to bring you an even bigger and more improved next season so stay tuned. This is your host, Craig Schulze. Read more

Interview with Branden Collinsworth - High Performance Coach and Nike Master Trainer

Today's last episode of Season 8 is a very special one. In 2002 Branden Collinsworth was broke, homeless and a high school dropout. It was then he made a powerful decision to change his life and go boldly after his dreams. Collinsworth is now an international elite performance coach and works exclusively with several of the most impactful people in sports, music, and business, like Nike. Listen to his story and be amazed at how someone becomes successful in life, no matter how they started. Read more

Interview with Siam Kidd - Trading and Business expert

In today's episode of The One Shot Movement Podcast, we interview Siam Kidd, a trading and business expert. Siam Kidd has set up and grown dozens of businesses over the last decade using a very simple toolbox of methods. His Private Equity firm specialises in rapidly taking start-ups and micro businesses from £0 to £250k profit per year. Today, we learn all about his process and business journey so listen up. Read more

Interview with Nicole Donnelly - Pro Athlete, Entrepreneur, CEO of Happy Camper

Today's interview is an exciting one with Nicole Donnelly, former professional athlete turned mom and entrepreneur, and now the CEO of Happy Camper. Listen as Nicole shares how she turned around her life - living in her car for several years, experiencing pain and injuries, and turning into a successful entrepreneur. We love a story like this, and this can definitely inspire you to take your shot at life seriously. This is your host Craig Schulze, and you are listening to The One Shot Movement Project. Read more
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